5 Basic Rules on Playing Beach Tennis

Apart from badminton and beach volleyball, beach tennis is one of the most loved games by beach lovers. Just like any other sport, beach tennis also has rules that need to be followed. And most of these rules are borrowed from the other games. You can play this game as a competition or recreation. If you want to know how to play beach tennis, then you have to be aware of the rules as well.

To make a score for beach tennis, you have to make it just as the tennis scoring is done. However, it has some exceptions with beach tennis; there is no advantage system after the 40 all. In addition to that, there is no second serve or service let.

This game should be played for up to 7 games. And for you to be declared the winner, you have to win three games and above.

Just like the game of tennis, the score goes by (0), 15, 30, 40 and then game.

How to score
If the below happen, then you will be awarded a point
If the ball happens to touch the court of your opponent
If your opponent happens to distract you while you are hitting the ball intentionally
If your opponent hits the ball outside the boundaries

The court
The court is just as that of the beach volleyball. The court has to be a rectangle in shape
The court is also divided into two parts, and they are equal in measurement. After the game begins, the height of the net cannot be altered.

If you love hanging around the beach and the sun, then you can consider beach tennis. There are many benefits of engaging in this game, like keeping fit and losing some calories. It doesn’t matter whether it is a recreational or a competitive game; you have to stick to the rules.

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